Juliet Kavishe – Bio

Juliet Kavishe

Head – Interior Architect

Juliet Kavishe is a Professional Interior Architect and alumnus of the University Of Pretoria, South Africa. Her education was further bolstered by a traineeship focusing on bridging the gap between spatial design and curatorship of artworks at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

Over the course of a career spanning 13 years and two continents, Juliet has worked as an Interior Architect on projects with a focus on high-end residential homes and commercial and corporate workspaces.

Her keen interest in education has afforded her the privilege to invigilate and moderate design exams from undergraduate to postgraduate level at various design institutions in South Africa for the past decade.

Her passion for the promotion of her profession, particularly within a broader African context has led to various opportunities for Juliet to share her expertise in Interior Design, including a lecture in 2013 on sustainable design and traditional African building practices at the World Policy Institute in New York and her call-up as Juror for the Caesarstone Student Design competition in 2019.

A self-proclaimed Afro-minimalist, she brought her personal ethos as an ambassador for the African Institute of the Design Profession (IID) in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and contributed the Pan Afrikan Design Institutes (PADI) panel discussions around the identity of “Afrikan Design” in February 2020. She has subsequently been appointed to be an interim board member and editor-in-chief of their publications committee.

Her upbringing in four countries on two continents and her extensive travels in later years have inspired Juliet to create spaces influenced by her global citizenship, some of which can be seen in publications such as SA Décor &Design, Designing Ways, Africanism and Archdaily.