Upper Room International Ministries Church

Place of Worship

Project Description

Inkspired was commissioned to design and construct the church. Respecting the corner and its significance, the proposed buildings curve mimic the site with windows designed in a cross symbol allowing the natural daylight to filter into the building bringing attention to the podium and referencing Jesus being the Light of Life.

Sleek, thin, wooden bris soleil clad the façade of the building. Facebrick and protruding concrete crosses adorn the sides of the building for aesthetic appeal and spiritual symbolism. The ascending gradient of the building was greatly influenced by the name of the of the church. Windows at the bottom of the building give way to the light from outside making the interior feel warm and bright. Seating directs the congregation’s eyes to the podium and is laid out as a pyramid enabling the people to feel close to each other in fellowship.



Date 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa